Share Your Smiles
Acknowledge People

When you see someone that has less than you, someone who doesn't have a home, or somebody who has to live on very little. You should help them. People think you have to spend money to help, but sometimes a simple wave or smile can go a long way. Today people don't realize how happy a smile makes someone feel. It makes them feel visible and like they mean something, and everyone deserves at least that.


Once a month the Share Your Smiles team drives around downtown Toronto to hand out the packages to homeless people. We will have short conversations with everyone and then provide them with the package of their choice. One of our favorite features that we have here at Share Your Smiles is that you are able to add cards and messages to the packages. You are able to contact us with your note and any questions you may have.

Our Goal

Our main focus at Share Your Smiles is to brighten peoples day and help them in whatever way we can. By donating, you are sending food, clothes, and other materials to someone in need. We want to make sure that everyone feels equal and happy, while also feeling safe.

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We love to inspire and help others. We always try our best to find new ways to help make Toronto a happier place. One of the common quotes we always go off of is "You are Never to Young to Make a Difference".  Our names are Maya and Olivia and below we have written some more about this website and hopefully it will help you see the world in a new way!