Share Your Smiles
"You are never too young to make a difference!"


There are over 10,000 homeless people in Toronto! We need to take a stand and help them! Giving back to the people around you is just one simple click away!

Sharing Happiness Will Bring You Happiness!

Give a Helping Hand!

If you donate to Share Your Smiles, you will be donating to homeless people all over downtown Toronto. Buying a basket will make someone's day! It will make them feel so good, and you know what? It will make you feel really good too!

Share Your Smiles

Share Your Smiles is the name of this organization, but what does it mean? Well, whoever is reading this has probably smiled at least twice today. A lot of people smile all the time. Unfortunately, for some people smiling isn't really a usual movement. We want to change that! By donating or buying a basket you will be spreading your smile and making someone so unbelievably   happy! These baskets are filled with essentials to help people who don't have as much as someone with a lot of money. You can donate to Share Your Smiles and make Toronto a city that is covered with smiles! You are just a few clicks away from being involved in this Charity! Let's go on this Journey together, and remember one thing. Happiness is shared with Smiles. This is your chance to share yours! 

You Can Make A Difference

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